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The Story of the Trees

An important part of Paul Harris' love of mankind is told, here,
in the "The Friendship Trees of Paul Harris" inspired by
Jim Buffington of RC of Aberdeen, Mississippi, USA.


First Tree (Pascall)
The Story of the Trees
Trees that survived conflict
1st Harris Tree (ComelyBank)
An Essay from Valparaiso


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Rotary Peace & Friendship Monuments

"Giant Trees from little Acorns Grow"
Paul Harris, 1933,
radio address from Boston

The purpose of this section of our history project is to show the
growth of Rotary from the fellowship and love of one Rotarian to another.

“Upon several occasions, Boards of Rotary International have extended to us invitations to visit the Rotary clubs of other counties; such invitations we have, as a rule, accepted and we have tried to make ourselves ambassadors of good-will. With the cooperation of Rotarians and local governments, I have planted friendship trees in the parks and playgrounds on all the five continents of the world and even on some of the major islands of the seas. Our trees stood as symbols of international understanding and good-will. National and municipal governments have participated in the ceremonies incident to such plantings and monuments bearing bronze plates with appropriate inscriptions, have, in several instances, been erected. Our tree plantings are merely gestures of good-will but they are intelligible to all the citizens of the various countries whatever language they speak. (Paul P. Harris “Comely Bank” page 275 “My Road To Rotary” copyright Rotary International)*

* Among the cities in which Paul Harris planted friendship trees during his travel are Berlin, Germany; Tallin, Latvia; Helsingfors, Finland; Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden,; Bergen, Norway; Shanghai, China; Tokyo, Japan; Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia; Auckland, Dunedin and Wellington, New Zealand; Mexico City, Mexico; Panama City; Bogotá, Colombia; Lima, Peru, Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Montevideo, Uruguay; Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil. (source “My Road To Rotary)

Callao, Peru (Peregrinations 3 page 87)

Also, but not listed in Paul’s writings, Bendigo, and Parramatta Australia; Gothenburg, Sweden; Lakeland, Florida; Long Beach, and Cathedral City California; Rumford, Maine; Charlotte, North Carolina and Aberdeen, and Mississippi.

Paul Harris in The Rotarian…. ….                    October 1936 on his travels and trees