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Themes and logos

Find Rotary themes and Logos

Here you can find RI Presidents, their Themes and Logos.

In the early days, it wasn't common for them to have a theme or logo.
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1950-1951 Arthur Lagueux
(Quebec, Quebec, Canada)
Goals for 1950-51:
1. In club service we must beget our heirs;
2. in vocational service honesty is still the best policy;
3. In community service we can plan for the future;
4. In international service we must reexamine our world;
5. And finally we can extend the influence of Rotary.
1951-1952 Frank E. Spain
(Greensboro (Birmingham), Alabama, USA)
None None
1952-1953 H.J. Brunnier
(San Francisco, California, USA)
None None
1953-1954 Joaquin Serratosa Cibils
(Montevideo, Uruguay)
Rotary is Hope in Action None
1954-1955 Herbert J. Taylor
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Six Objectives  for 1954-55
1. glean from the past and act
2. share with others
3. build with Rotary s 4-Way Test
4. serving youth
5. international good will
6. good Rotarians are good citizens.
1955-1956 A. Z. Baker
(Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
Develop our Resources
1956-1957 Gian Paolo Lang
(Livorno, Italy)
3 Targets 1956-57
1. Keep Rotary simple
2. More Rotary in Rotarians
3. Learn More About Each Other
1957-1958 Charles G. Tennent
(Asheville, North Carolina, USA)
1958-1959 Clifford A. Randall
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)
Help Shape the Future
1959-1960 Harold T. Thomas
(Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand)
Build Bridges of Friendship