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Themes and logos

Find Rotary themes and Logos

Here you can find RI Presidents, their Themes and Logos.

In the early days, it wasn't common for them to have a theme or logo.
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1940-1941 Armando de Arruda Pereira
(Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil)
None None
1941-1942 Tom J. Davis
(Butte, Montana, USA)
None None
1942-1943 Fernando Carbajal
(Lima, Peru)
None None
1943-1944 Charles L. Wheeler
(San Francisco, California, USA)
None None
1944-1945 Richard H. Wells
(Pocatello, Idaho, USA)
None None
1945-1946 T. A. Warren
(Wolverhampton, Staffs, England)
None None
1946-1947 Richard C. Hedke
(Detroit, Michigan, USA)
None None
1947-1948 S. Kendrick Guernsey
(Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
Enter to Learn, go forth to serve. None
1948-1949 Angus S. Mitchell
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
None None
1949-1950 Percy Hodgson
(Pawtucket, RhodeIsland, USA)

Objectives of Our Team for 1949-50:
1. Each new member admitted into a Rotary club to be adequately informed about his duties and obligations BEFORE his induction — properly introduced to the club — and effectively assimilated into the work of the club during the first year; 
2. A better understanding and application of the principles of Vocational Service as set forth in SERVICE IS MY BUSINESS;
3. A contribution to world understanding and peace through an intensification of our international service program;
4. An outstanding district conference in every district.